EP 11 – FREEDOM! EPIC SAILING to the STUNNING bay of Lindos on the Greek Island of Rhodes (pt 2)

Published on October 1, 2021

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Hi Guys! In this cruisey episode we have an awesome sail from Anthony Quinn Bay to Lindos Bay on the greek island of Rhodes….. so grab yourself a cold one or cuppa and settle down for some Greek Island bliss!!

Here we ‘jump ship’ to discover the formidable famous Lindos Acropolis and wake up to another level of paradise on our greek island adventures. Noah is bitten in the strangest of spots and the usual hilarity and happiness of our liveaboard boat life continues….

Lindos was where we officially began filming with the Channel 5 Crew for the documentary ‘My Greek Escape’ (originally known as ‘My New Greek life’).

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Another huge shout out to Adam Yoo. We first heard his music on Sailing La Vagabonde and just love all his work. The songs on this video are his, and he loves sailing videos so we were really chuffed when he said he was happy for us to use his music.

Much love from the Holly Blue Crew x

00:00:30:15 – Johnny Had A Water Gun – https://soundcloud.com/adamyoo_music/johnny-had-a-water-gun
00:03:18:02 – Embers Of Red – https://soundcloud.com/adamyoo_music/embers-of-red
00:05:04:09 – Floating Baby – https://soundcloud.com/adamyoo_music/floating-baby
00:06:29:22 – Wake Up – https://soundcloud.com/adamyoo_music/wake-up-by-adam-yoo
00:09:40:19 – On My Way Home – https://soundcloud.com/adamyoo_music/on-my-way-home
00:12:37:19 – I Won’t Be Here – https://soundcloud.com/adamyoo_music/i-wont-be-here-by-adam-yoo
00:14:24:22 – Ordinary Paradise – https://soundcloud.com/adamyoo_music/ordinary-paradise-1

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EP 11 - FREEDOM! EPIC SAILING to the STUNNING bay of Lindos on the Greek Island of Rhodes (pt 2)

Picking The Ideal Boat Equipment

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EP 11 – FREEDOM! EPIC SAILING to the STUNNING bay of Lindos on the Greek Island of Rhodes (pt 2). sailing exp bdo.

EP 11 – FREEDOM! EPIC SAILING to the STUNNING bay of Lindos on the Greek Island of Rhodes (pt 2), Watch new replays related to Blue Water Sailing Adventures Greece.
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EP 11 – FREEDOM! EPIC SAILING to the STUNNING bay of Lindos on the Greek Island of Rhodes (pt 2)
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