EP 51. The Deep Sea Episode. (Sailing Susan Ann II)

Published on March 25, 2021

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May 2018.

After being off work for 10 months we have completely run out of money so it’s time for me to go back to work.

We get a lot of questions about how we find our adventure so I thought it was time to answer a few questions.

This whole adventure is funded by my job as a saturation diver in the oil and gas industry. I’ve been a professional diver for 23 years, spent over 4 years of my life underwater and worked all over the World. This job was in the Mediterranean Sea at a depth of 208m. Unfortunately the sea bed was very muddy and visibility was near zero most of the time so underwater footage wasn’t possible.

In a nut shell, we spend 28 days under pressure in a chamber and transfer down to the seabed in a bell each day to work for 6 hours in the water putting pipelines together. After 18 days of diving, we decompress from 200m to the surface very slowly to avoid “the bends” (gas bubbles in your body). Decompression from 200m takes just under 10 days.

I hope you enjoy a small glimpse into my world.

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Sailing Is For Everyone

The kind of water you’ll be taking pleasure in determines the kind of boat you own. In sailing essentials, you are taught to feel the wind and you can usually feel where it is coming from.

EP 51. The Deep Sea Episode. (Sailing Susan Ann II)

Discover To Sail Correctly And Safely

Preferred times are March, April, May, late November and early December. Little bit more than a sandbar, it uses simple access to both the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea. There are plenty of boats that will work well for that function.

Every angler has an option of fishing either in the river or in the open sea. Though each kind of fishing has its own challenges, the important thing to remember is to have persistence waiting for the fish and attempting your best to catch it when it appears.

We went ashore and benefited from the chance to take showers with the extreme quantities of fresh water we are generally accustomed to. A few of our group took a taxi tour of the area, which they referred to as incredible, while others people visited a regional dive store sailboat fishing and had a look at the bars.

Example # 4 – One day while feeling out of balance and not grounded, I saw a black dog roaming down the middle of four lanes of traffic. Cars were swerving to avoid it. I raced out onto the roadway to grab the dog by the collar and pull it to safety when there was a space in the traffic. Sadly, it didn’t see things the same method I did and it bit me. I decided to take notification of the concern I had been believing about when I saw the dog and to tread warily. The next week after having actually resolved the concern, I strolled down the same roadway and there on the path was a friendly white pup wagging its tail and waiting to be patted.

Sailing terms might be defined or just show abbreviations. You might see sailing terms abbreviated in sailing publications, at a boat show, or when you read an advertisement. Let’s begin.

Dories are still utilized as fishing boats in Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland and the coast of Maine. Salmon fishers can frequently be seen in Dory boats in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. They are likewise utilized as life boats on ocean liners, sailing boats and rafting boats on many rivers in the United States.

Sadly many clubs forget drawing in brand-new members and concentrate solely on racing without realizing everyone needs to start somewhere. When all sailing clubs had waiting lists of sailboat hire individuals to join, gone are the days. Numerous clubs are now starting to realize they must actively look for brand-new members to preserve numbers and in some cases endure. See our sailing clubs list to find a club in your area.

Broome. The Broome climate is perfect for sailing as it has tropical environments with hot summertimes and warm winters. Ecosailing is preferred in Broome and you can select from a broad variety of sailing charter locations such as the popular Cygnet Bay, seaside towns of Broome, the Kimberley’s and the superb Mitchell Falls.

The list can go on and on. How about ski trips, diving adventures – you are just limited by your imagination and the kind of boat you get for business.

You can likewise inquire about the flexibility of their schedules. The threat of capsizing exists and if you have a worry of getting wet it might not be the sort of thing you desire to do. They invest anywhere other than their own business.

EP 51. The Deep Sea Episode. (Sailing Susan Ann II). sailing dinghy.

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EP 51. The Deep Sea Episode. (Sailing Susan Ann II)
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