Living from the Sea | Catch & Cook | Sailing Indonesia, Ep 155

Published on November 22, 2021

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Catching big Spanish Mackerel, spearing Coronation Trout and exploring remote islands with a million turtles!

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we depart the island of Simeulue and head 30nm out to sea to the remote tiny island group we refer to as Turtle island! On our sail down the coast from Thailand 5 months ago, we briefly stopped off at these islands and swam with the most amount of turtles we had ever seen. We never expected to be back here, but since we had the opportunity too, we had to return to see all the turtles again!
The water is crystal clear and with a freezer needing to be replenished, Yosh does some spearing landing a couple of Coronation Trout. To go with the large Spanish Mackerel we caught the day before, we are back in business. Living from the Sea.

With no sailing experience, we bought a yacht, got it blue water cruising ready and set off sailing to the Pacific! We have since cruised through New Caledonia, Vanuatu, the Solomon islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and then onto the boat yard in Malaysia to prepare for the years to come. With a new engine, we continued onto Thailand, then back down into Indonesia and specifically West Sumatra to live the island life and chase the surf. With our Sailing plans changing, we have returned to Thailand to wait for the weather and begin our journey to the northern route of the Indian Ocean to Sri Lanka before heading south to Chagos and across the Indian Ocean once cyclone season has finished and the trade winds begin! The adventure is just beginning as we plan to sail our Nandji around the world!!

We departed the east coast of Australia in July 2017 and have since sailed over 10000nm. We have explored some amazing countries and met some beautiful people along the way. We have experienced so many different and diverse cultures, dived pristine reefs, surfed solo in the middle of nowhere, spent weeks at sea, dealt with storms, big waves, strong winds and had the time of our lives doing it! The adventure is just beginning as we sail West with the trades around the World!


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Searching For Decked Cruising Canoe Intend On The Internet?

Utilizing a strong tested plan will assist make this occur. Who doesn’t value a quick swim after showing up at the day’s secluded cove for an over night stop? There are a lot of boats that will work well for that function.

Living from the Sea | Catch & Cook | Sailing Indonesia, Ep 155

Gaining From Online Cruising Lessons

When you have the calm sea pack up your sailboat and the family and go experience the enjoyable of cruising. You do not want your first journey to be in the middle of a storm. The sensation that little boats are beautiful is relative.

Huge offer you state. Well till 1990, we had actually never stepped foot on a sailboat. My only boating experience. other than for several cruises, which we took pleasure in. was a fishing expedition on a sport fishing boat out of Galveston, Texas.

However boats with a bit narrower beam are frequently more sea-kindly and will not bounce around a lot in choppy seas. Boats with narrower beams tend to point greater when beating (or close hauled).Boats with wider sailboat fishing beams tend to heel less than those with narrower beams.

As rapidly as I am completed school I have big dreams thanks to my uncle’s motivation. When I told Uncle Ray I require to develop boats for a living he ensured to share his sailboat prepares with me. Understanding that I’ll have access to such a gold mine of boat plans I am positive in my capability to build boats due to the fact that the boat styles are so simple to follow. The older boat building plans he used were a lot more hard.

This might look like Greek to you right now, however once you comprehend the standard language of boaters and sailors, you will have the ability to interact far better– and seem like a salted sailor too!

Another step to take in the past acquiring is stopping to consider your families ideas and sailing boats feelings. It is essential that you discuss purchasing a boat with them prior to acquiring. Otherwise difficult sensations and problems may emerge, which will cut into the time you get to invest on the water.

A lot of brand-new sailors discover to sail on little monos called rowboats. Once they learn how to cruise aboard a dinghy, sailors may move up to the larger cruising monohulls. These travelling sailboat hire heel over less than their dinghy cousins, have more space to move around, and may have a head (toilet and/or shower), galley (small kitchen), and inboard or outboard engine. Cruising sailboats with single hulls have actually made successful voyages throughout every ocean in the world.

You may want to invest in a houseboat or even a luxury yacht if cash is no item. These big ships are happily appointed with living quarters, pipes and cooking facilities, and even mini-bars.

Use sunscreen and a hat. You could get a truly nasty burn gradually, considering that you not only have to handle direct sunlight, but also sunlight showed from the water.

That’s the fastest speed this particular cruising sailboat can sail. Docking in reverse is not for beginners as the fenders and the rudder may strike the dock hard. Staying with the strategy can be a topic of discussion whilst underway.

Living from the Sea | Catch & Cook | Sailing Indonesia, Ep 155. sailing vessel delos.

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