London Calling – Sailing up the River Thames

Published on May 18, 2021

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Our first shakedown cruise on the new boat takes us from Southampton to London with stops in Brighton and Dover and concludes with a fascinating day navigating the shoals in the Thames Estuary and sailing up the River Thames to arrive at London’s Tower bridge and St. Katherine Docks for the London On-Water Boat Show.


Principal photography by Paul and Sheryl Shard. Additional photography by Mike Pickering (drone footage) and Robert Heath.


Paul and Sheryl Shard are award-winning travel documentary filmmakers and videographers and have been cruising internationally since 1989 documenting their global adventures for television, in books and sailing publications. They are the producers and presenters of the Distant Shores sailing adventure TV series which is broadcast to 42 million households in 24 languages around the world. Through their TV programs, YouTube videos, articles/blogs and popular cruising seminars the Shards help anyone dreaming of setting sail to get out on the water and experience their own adventure safely and comfortably.


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Hythe Marina Village:
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Dover Marina:
St. Katherine Docks:
London On-Water Boat Show:
Brunton’s Propellers:
Elvstrøm Sails:
Seldén Mast:
Navionics Charts:
Imray Pilot Guide – East Coast Pilot: Great Yarmouth to Ramsgate
Discovery Yachts Group / Southerly Yachts:


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Sheryl and Paul

Benefiting From Online Sailing Lessons

It is an unique approach of appreciating nature’s charm and traveling a brand-new location.
For every single tack, you steep the boat towards the wind, if possible, without needing to flap the sails.

London Calling - Sailing up the River Thames

How To End Up Being A Pro At Docking A Sailboat

They called from their remote fishing town in British Columbia. In the essentials of cruising, you will likewise be taught how to reverse your sailboat. It is a golfing experience that you and your household can get a kick out of.

Chuck was seventeen, we had him when I was seventeen, a child papa. This was not a good mix I thought I knew everything, he knew he did. Needless to state we had not been getting along effectively for a long time.

We went ashore and made the most of the opportunity to take showers with the profuse quantities of fresh water we are normally accustomed to. A few of our group took a cab trip of the area, which they referred to as amazing, while others people went to a regional dive shop sailboat fishing and inspected out the bars.

We didn’t anticipate the problems we will experience. We made some bad options that might have been prevented had we done a bit more research, and had some excellent solid guidance like what follows in this post. You MUST be careful with whom you work with in regards to cruising charters or you’re setting yourself up for frustration and lies.

Dories were initially used as fishing boats that were released in the middle of the ocean from bigger mom ships. Later on a various design of dory was deployed from the coast as rescue boats. Building a boat today utilizing among the original dory boat designs will leave you with a versatile boat that you will delight in for several years to come.

Another step to take previously buying is stopping to consider your families ideas and sailing boats sensations. It is essential that you talk about purchasing a boat with them prior to purchasing. Otherwise hard sensations and problems might emerge, which will cut into the time you get to invest in the water.

There are several things to consider prior to constructing a rowboat boat or prior to buying a great set of rowboat plans. One would be the spending plan. The amount which you will set as your budget plan can straight affect the size, type and the materials you require to use for your dinghy. For this reason, you need to come up with a more particular and reasonable quantity which you want to spend for the project. With the ideal sailboat hire rowboat plans, it is always cheaper to develop one as compared to buying one.

Ensure the raw-water seacock handle lines up with the raw water pipe. This opens the valve to permit cooling water to the engine. After you start the engine, examine the stern exhaust tube for a consistent circulation of water. Obstruction often points to a stopped up raw water filter or a things caught versus the outdoors raw water intake.

Luxury yacht charters are excellent way of relaxing and avoiding everyday difficult life for a number of days. Likewise it is an unique method of valuing nature’s charm and having a great deal of fun at the very same time. If you want to do something fun and interesting this summertime do think about yacht for a change!

That’s the fastest speed this specific cruising sailboat can cruise. Docking in reverse is not for novices as the fenders and the rudder might hit the dock hard. Sticking to the strategy can be a subject of discussion whilst underway.

London Calling – Sailing up the River Thames. sailing o’day 23.

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London Calling – Sailing up the River Thames
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