Rough Water! Sailing Offshore Bahamas to Panama

Published on March 9, 2021

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Paul outlines his passage plan and we set sail from the Bahamas to do a 7-day offshore voyage to Panama passing Cuba en route. Once through the Windward Passage between Cuba and Haiti, we face strong winds and a fierce head current which results in large steep seas. Sheryl struggles as she recovers from a sprained ankle but the crew pitch in. We make a night landfall in Panama facing one of the highest concentrations of shipping in the world as we come into port. Bonus feature: Flags of Convenience Explained by Oceanskies.

00:00 Night at anchor in the Bahamas
00:41 What you’re going to learn in this video with Paul and Sheryl
01:48 The voyage begins in George Town, Bahamas
02:28 Meet the crew
03:21 Paul’s Passage Plan
06:46 Day 1 – 952 miles to go. Establishing watch and galley duty.
07:34 First day at sea
07:56 Day 2 – Passing Cuba at night
09:39 Day 3 – 645 miles to go. Fast downwind sailing, wing on wing
10:15 Cooking at sea – Keith makes Spanish Chorizo Chickpea Stew
11:06 Day 4 – 515 miles to go. Squalls!
11:54 Day 5 – 389 miles to go. Clear skies but rough seas
13:19 Reefed main and jib
14:11 Sheryl makes final dinner at sea
14:42 150 miles to go. Paul’s night watch
15:31 75 miles to go…final day of the passage.
15:50 Paul raises the “Q” flag
16:19 Night arrival in Panama. Using AIS to track shipping
16:57 Landfall Panama! Arrival at Shelter Bay Marina
18:41 Next time…Panama Canal Transit Part 1
18:55 Bonus feature – Flags of Convenience explained by Oceanskies

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Principal photography by Paul and Sheryl Shard
Additional photography by Eric Epstein


Paul and Sheryl Shard are award-winning travel documentary television producers and videographers and have been cruising internationally since 1989 documenting their global adventures for television, social media, in books and sailing publications. They have sailed over 110,000 nm including 9 ocean crossings and are the producers and presenters of the Distant Shores sailing adventure TV series which is broadcast to 47 million households in 24 languages around the world. Through their TV programs, YouTube videos, articles/blogs and popular cruising seminars, the Shards help anyone dreaming of setting sail to get out on the water and experience their own adventure safely and comfortably.


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Sheryl and Paul

Cruising Away On A Luxury Yacht

You can find out the essentials quicker on a small boat before moving on to bigger boats. Attempt to prepare your journey around these settled times in between weather fronts. Ensure you get a boat that’s easy to sail.

Rough Water! Sailing Offshore Bahamas to Panama

Boating With Your Pet

There are constraints on time and naturally the owner or salesman wants to close the sale. Well until 1990, we had never stepped foot on a sailboat. Check out books that will help you to improve yourself.

Absolutely nothing beats feeling the wind on your face as you are cruising across the waters of your preferred lake. You are totally free, just you and the lake, leaving all your worries and difficulties behind while you slide across the waves!

Chuck we are in a great deal of trouble. If we can make it through for 30 or 45min, we might be OKAY sailboat fishing . I believe that the team will be out to put the racing pylons in location. They will definitely see the boat with the sail down it the water, and know that there is an issue.

As rapidly as I am completed school I have large dreams thanks to my uncle’s inspiration. When I informed Uncle Ray I require to develop boats for a living he guaranteed to share his sailboat plans with me. Due to the fact that the boat styles are so easy to follow, understanding that I’ll have access to such a treasure trove of boat plans I am confident in my capability to develop boats. The older boat building plans he used were far more challenging.

My spouse informed me, honey you require to find a way to spend more time with Chuck. Well I have actually not been spending extremely much time with him the last couple of years. Honey he will be grown and preceded you know it, I stated ok. Chuck is my earliest boy. I have 7 kids, fourteen grand kids and Five excellent grand kids.

Of course the type of boat you choose to do your cruising in, can greatly affect your experience. The type of sail boat, might likewise be broken down into two categories. There are the planing boats. These are boats like catamarans with two hulls, the really move on top of the water. If they really get sailing boats fast, one of the hulls will raise out of the water, additional decreasing the resistance of the water, and moving the boat even quicker. The sail boats not falling into the classification of planing boats are called displacement boats. They sail through the water rather of on top of the water. What they tend to provide up in speed to the planing boats, they acquire in other facilities, like large home down below.

The Marine Accident Examination Branch, MAIB has a report of a mid channel collision in between a commercial Ferryboat and a small cruising vessel which resulted in the sailboat hire sinking and death. Due to the fact that of the height of the bridge the sailboat was not seen by eye, the reports conclusion showed the cruising vessel did not appear on radar and. The recommendation was for better radar reflectors so the sailboat might be seen on the ferries radar and or using AIS.

In case of in-shore salt water fishing, a 15 foot sailboat that features a cuddy forward to act as a shelter when it rains should get the job done. The boat should not be heavy and yet effectively sturdy to not be swayed by the action of strong waves or some bumps on the beach or on the rocks.

Cruising charters make cruising more available to those who do not have boats not to point out ones who can’t afford them. With the number of cruising locations in Australia, cruising just ended up being much easier to take part in.

Who doesn’t value a quick swim after reaching the day’s secluded cove for an over night stop? How to pull a rope: This might appear an obvious one however ropes on boats can get pretty heavy and loaded pretty rapidly.

Rough Water! Sailing Offshore Bahamas to Panama. sailing instrumental.

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Rough Water! Sailing Offshore Bahamas to Panama
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