'Sailing' Loch Ness on our blue water yacht : Ep 9

Published on May 18, 2021

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We finally get our old (Trident Warrior 38) sailing yacht moving again, after having to change the starter motor while being ‘stranded’ in Inverness, and the adventure is back underway. In this episode we make our way through Loch Ness, then the rest of the Caledonian canal, in Scotland, learning about it’s rich history and enjoy some truly breath taking scenery, as well as learning how tricky it actually is to sail through the Lochs.

We have four of us currently living aboard this blue water boat, for the first leg of our journey home, and for a 38ft liveaboard sailing yacht, she feels remarkably spacious with all of us on board.

Once again a huge shout out to the man who’s helping us learn the rope (lines, I meant lines!) on our own sail boat, by joining us on this first leg of our adventure, Eddy.

We also finally get brave enough to fly our drone (Mavic Pro 2 zoom) from a moving boat, which was all kinds of scary when it came to trying to land it again. Lots of people have asked about the exact drone we use, as said above, it’s this one here: https://amzn.to/2VYmmqT

We may do a little video with some of the lessons we’ve already learned, just sending the drone up the few times that we have (we’re lucky to still have a drone!!).

Also if anyone ever needs the same kind of help, learning to sail their own sailing yacht, we highly recommend Eddy’s services, this old sea dog really has forgotten more about sailing than we’ll probably ever know. Eddie has been sailing around the world for over 50 years, he really is a seasoned pro.

Here’s his site: https://goingyachting.com/

Thanks for everything, Ed, plus another big thanks to Mike, for all of your help, too, we owe you a beer, or four, when we’re back!

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Fair Winds


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'Sailing' Loch Ness on our blue water yacht : Ep 9

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'Sailing' Loch Ness on our blue water yacht : Ep 9. sailing as a family.

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'Sailing' Loch Ness on our blue water yacht : Ep 9
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