Tour of Freya, an Irwin 52, Freya is FOR SALE….. Check the notes below

Published on March 9, 2021

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I just found out, Wednesday Sept 18th, 2019, that Freya is for sale. She is ready for a new adventure and looking for her new crew. Contact information is below if you think you’re interested in purchasing a wonderful sailing vessel..

Fraya is FOR SALE: Contact: ANNA
Careel Bay Marina
94 George Street
Avalon NSW 2107
Phone : +61420 882296
Email :
Web :

The Tour of Freya, an Irwin 52 while in Bay of Islands Marina Opua, New Zealand. They were parked next to Aquarius for the second time in BOI Marina. We all had some wonderful nights together watching the sunsets, and having a few too many!

Part 1 – The boat tour – We walk the deck, and discuss with Captain Louis (or maybe it’s the real Captain Ron) what is important while blue water sailing. We also take a look at the interior, and talk about how they use Freya on a daily basis.

Part 2 – A conversation with Captain Louis, and First Mate and partner Jules! What’s important, and some cool sailing stories.

You can see the location of Freya using the link below!

FaceBook: 247Sailing Adventures

For those of you that would like to tag along on a sailing adventure of a lifetime with some truly amazing people, please contact Louis and Jules! You will not be disappointed!

Footage used from the Movie “Captain Ron” (1992) This footage was used as a parody to Captain Louis. It’s a great movie, and everyone should go out and watch it! 🙂

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Pointers When Cruising In San Francisco

It’s this potent mix that appeals to many people – everybody wants they could spend more time on the water.
You discover as you go and you get help from other sailors who are enjoying this terrific way of life.

Tour of Freya, an Irwin 52, Freya is FOR SALE.....  Check the notes below

Factors To Build Your Own Boat

For a very first time boat buyer, locating your ideal boat can be an uphill struggle. Using a solid proven strategy will help make this occur. Check out books that will help you to improve yourself.

The majority of us don’t spend almost the amount of time outdoors that we would like, but what could be more fun than taking your boat out to the regional lake, pond, and even water fountain at any time of the year? Remote controlled boats are a fun way to spend time with your family, fulfill brand-new friends, and delight in the fantastic outdoors all at the exact same time.

Chuck we remain in a lot of difficulty. We might be OKAY sailboat fishing if we can make it through for 30 or 45min. I think that the team will be out to put the racing pylons in place. They will definitely see the boat with the sail down it the water, and know that there is a problem.

You need to interview your captain by phone and ask him/her essential concerns to certify them as somebody you want to spend time with. It’s close quarters and everybody require to get along when you are on a boat. Take your time and interview the captain. Make certain the chartering company is finding the right person for you. The owner led us to believe it was a honeymoon present when really he wasn’t being charged at all by the captain.

Dories were initially used as fishing boats that were released in the middle of the ocean from larger mother ships. Later a different design of dory was released from the coast as rescue boats. Constructing a boat today utilizing one of the initial dory boat styles will leave you with a versatile boat that you will delight in for years to come.

Northstar was offered off in 1969 by Hughes. The company was bought back in 1971 and relabelled Hughes Boat Works. This company was Canadian. It stayed in Canadian hands till it’s damage by fire in 1971. The initial Hughes Boat factory which lay in Orangeville, Ontario was (as discussed) ruined by a fire.The factory is no longer producing these sailing boats.

Your life journey requires the exact same preparation. Make sure that you obtain the certifications you require, and be sure to save money that you will require to invest in your strategy. Check out books that will help you to improve yourself. Practice your talents and be sure not to lose valuable skills sailboat hire that you discover along the way. Get training in crucial life skills such as self-awareness and social skills. Gown for success and make sure you have the technology you require to do the job properly, such as a good computer system and phone.

Then consider getting yourself a Jon boat, if you want a special outdoor camping experience fishing in freshwater. These are really lightweight aluminum flat deck boats that are slow moving, but safe for the amateur boat enthusiast.

Another benefit of buying a boat is that you can also charter the boat for hire. There are lots of people who have charter boats for the day to have functions such as birthday parties or just office bonding. This is where you can make some money, which in turn can help in the upkeep and up-keep of the boat.

Don’t waste too much money on something you don’t whether you will delight in or not. The tack then, is identified by which side the boom is on. Do you like to spend some time with your family?

Tour of Freya, an Irwin 52, Freya is FOR SALE….. Check the notes below. sailing across wind.

Tour of Freya, an Irwin 52, Freya is FOR SALE….. Check the notes below, Explore more high definition online streaming videos related to Blue Water Sailing Stories.
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Tour of Freya, an Irwin 52, Freya is FOR SALE…..  Check the notes below
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