Dumaguete Philippines night dive spearfishing compilation

Published on April 28, 2021

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Spearfishing Dumaguete, Philippine, night dive compilation.
Most of the small fishes in this videos are not juveniles, Yes most of them are small since their species are just small. Most of them are Sea Bream( Katambak),Yellow tail fusilier (Dalagang Bukid or Solid), Rabbit Fish( Danggit) which are naturally small species even if they reach their adulthood. Just like in the public market or supermarket, you can never find a big ( galongong, Katambak or dalagang bukid) because their species are small whether we like it or not.

No fish was wasted in this video everything was consumed. I only catch fish that I eat. Notice, I never speared the big puffer fish since I won’t be eating any puffer fish for dinner. 🙂

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Night spearfishing things you’ll need.

Where I buy equipment:
Speargun (night dive gun): https://www.facebook.com/jaireh.alanano

Dive Flashlight

Wet Suit (Camo)

Store Your Diving Gear In Dive Bags

Without access to a dive table, you would not have the ability to do this efficiently. You’ll likely see hammerhead sharks and green sea turtles simply to call a couple. Scuba diving is a great recreational activity.

Dumaguete Philippines night dive spearfishing compilation

Essentials Of Diving Utilizing A Weight Belt

The knife offers you all the tools you might desire when it concerns cutting, boring, and puncturing. It will be much easier to breath undersea, however it can end up being hard in lower depths.

Considering that the ancient times male has actually attempted to decipher the mysteries of the deep sea. For countless years people have actually explored oceans, lakes and rivers by diving into them. Today such sophisticated undersea breathing gadgets have been produced which enable man to remain underwater for long periods of time.

Naturally a fit and great body shape is a welcome asset to have. When practicing the sport and finding out the ropes, these makes your life easier. However, all is not lost do not fret if you are obese or perhaps suffering for a disability as there are now lots of locations throughout the world that cater for you and will consider that extra attention so you to can enjoy scuba diving. Delight in and relax, and keep in mind all fat individuals are almost weightless in water and it’s a great way to slim!

Tony: At this time I’m working full-time for a company in Saint Petersburg, Florida, that makes the world’s only real-time 3D undersea sonar. That keeps me pretty hectic. I’m also selling my motorbike gear shifter cushion online and am intending on more marketing to be able hopefully to increase sales so I can do that full time among nowadays.

Try something little that scares you. Another strategy is to perform small jobs that scare you to enter into that state of mind. Worry of roller-coasters or bungie jumping probably won’t have an unfavorable influence on your business, but dominating those fears can enhance your self-confidence and make you feel empowered to deal with other fears. So attempt ziplining, whitewater rafting, snowboarding, deep sea diving, ballroom dancing, or whatever else gets your heart racing. Even attempting an unfamiliar food can assist train your brain that new things need not be scary.

The very first thing you have to consider is the very first layer of diving boat devices: the wetsuit. The wetsuit is made of artificial rubber and nylon. This is your bodies defense from the water. Since prolonged direct exposure to the water will cause your body to implode with water molecules, it is essential that you keep your body completely dry when undersea. Especially in depth that that is a thousand feet and below, you will require the security from the force and currents underwater. You require to be safe from hypothermia which is why the wetsuit is essential. The wetsuit should be tight and tightly fit versus your body but not to the point in which it cuts off blood circulation. You will also require flippers to be able to move efficiently undersea.

Using a parachute to get up, and thinks that the one he used back in the army days would work best for incredibly quick ascents. He makes a note on his water resistant tiny PC to go to the Army-Navy store and purchase a used parachute for next journey.

Prior to you make your huge purchase, make sure you understand how the wetsuit works so you would understand the function that it will play in your scuba diving experiences.

Have you been considering finding out to scuba dive. I believe that in finding the truth it may well change your viewpoint about this nice and interesting sport. I can’t believe the fish I saw in my dive off the coasts of Costa Rica.

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What special equipment should I utilize?
For basic wreck diving, consisting of penetration, you will certainly require a torch as well as a wreckage reel, in addition to all the other criterion diving tools.

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Dumaguete Philippines night dive spearfishing compilation
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