Exploration dive of the Twin Dees/Weeki Wachee Cave System

Published on January 6, 2021

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Exploration of Twin Dees/Weeki Wachee Spring on January 11 2020 by Karst Underwater Research divers Bob Beckner, Gary Donahue and Derek Ferguson. While exploration was our primary focus on this dive, taking 110,000 combined lumens of light and not shooting video seemed like a waste. Hope you enjoy!

Huge thank you to our support team of Jason Barfield, Kyle Jones, Jake Rehacek, Michel Oberto, Ken Sallot for the scooter video mount, Michael Barnette for the BigBlue lights, and the entire KUR team and to our awesome sponsors: Golem Gear, Submerged Scooters, Dive Rite, ScubaForce USA, FATHOM Dive Systems, Cave Country Dive Shop, Suex, Diver City Aqua Vertical, and OC Lugo/Intersorb!

For those that are interested, our max depth was 330 feet, 134 mins of bottom time, total dive time of 11-12 hours.

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Finding Your Ideal Waterproof Watch

The speedboat departs from Samui then takes visitors to Koh Nang Yuan. A defining particular about the sports watches is the double security clasp found on numerous. There are different locations which are famous as traveler spots.

Exploration dive of the Twin Dees/Weeki Wachee Cave System

Scuba Diving In The Virgin Islands

So try not to dive all the time that you exist. Back aboard the boat a group of guys from Georgia are interested by all the stuff Bubba and Clem have in their dive bag. So they will go to Florida and be one quickly as they get home.

Given that the ancient times guy has actually tried to unwind the secrets of the deep sea. For countless years individuals have checked out oceans, lakes and rivers by diving into them. Today such sophisticated underwater breathing devices have been produced which enable guy to stay undersea for extended periods of time.

Palau Perhentian Besar – a huge island in the eastern coast of Malaysia and is a perfect place for scuba diving for the place has a rare collection of well maintained marine life and under water creatures. Scuba divers can delight in seeing the colorful reefs that is pretty fantastic in Palau Perhentian.

The wetsuits density varies according to the conditions that you will find yourself diving in. You will require a thicker suit if you prepare to go diving on cold water conditions. If you do not wish to invest a lot cash, attempt to research study first and choose what kind of water will you braving in? A thinner fit will be adequate if you are going for warmer water conditions. There is a big range of thickness and sizes that are available for you.

Try something little that terrifies you. Another technique is to perform small jobs that terrify you to enter into that frame of mind. Fear of roller-coasters or bungie jumping probably won’t have a negative effect on your company, however conquering those worries can improve your self-confidence and make you feel empowered to take on other fears. So attempt ziplining, whitewater rafting, snowboarding, deep sea diving, ballroom dancing, or whatever else gets your heart racing. Even attempting an unfamiliar food can assist train your brain that new things need not be frightening.

You will no doubt have access to the best suggestions at sea if you are out on a deep sea charter from a reputed company. Lots of deep sea charter diving boat companies register for news feeds that keep them approximately date on where the very best video game is and how quick to arrive. So while you are at an area at sea and having little or no luck, a news flash on the radio will notify the captain where to go and what sort of fish to anticipate.

If swimming amongst dolphins and coral aren’t hardcore enough for you, how about skydiving. Leaping from an aircraft cutting through the clouds could not be more romantic if you like the feeling of a pounding heart and sweating palms. Naturally, there are those that feel like nothing else is essential except for the moment they are in. For them on their big day, absolutely nothing else will exist other than their liked one and the few moments it requires to reach the earth.

The most valuable thing that you will take home from finding reliable scuba lesson and participating in their training is the self-confidence to brave the waves and the water. You need to feel comfy in the environment that you are in to make sure that you will learn everything that you need to understand in order to prepare you for your next huge adventure in the large ocean.

You should have heard a lot about scuba diving in Indonesia. If you think diving is not for minors, reconsider. In Bali, they provide courses for kids. It holds true that it is an experience unlike any other.

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What unique devices should I utilize?
For basic accident diving, consisting of penetration, you will require a lantern and a wreck reel, in addition to all the other criterion diving devices.

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Exploration dive of the Twin Dees/Weeki Wachee Cave System
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