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Published on April 28, 2021

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PADI Confined Water Dive 5 Skills in the right order and all PADI Confined Water Dive 5 Skills together in one video. Watching all the skills of this PADI confined water dive 5 video is a great way to prepare yourself for the PADI Open Water Diver Course.

We also hope that this video can help you organize the PADI Confined Water Dive 5 Skills easier as a PADI Diving Instructor. One of the biggest concerns I hear from new PADI Scuba Diving Instructors that finish the PADI IDC Course is that they don’t know how to organize a real-life PADI Confined Water Dive. In this video, you find all skills in order according to the PADI standards.

Chapters and Timestamps for the PADI Confined Dive 5:

00:00 Intro
00:14 Scuba gear assembly
06:14 Disconnect low pressure inflator hose
06:38 BCD Removal underwater
08:39 Weight system removal and replacement underwater
10:14 Air check scuba diving
10:48 Plan the dive – Mini Dive
11:11 Giant Stride
11:59 Surface buoyancy check
12:49 5 Point descent
14:21 Swim Repeating Skills
19:05 Safety stop scuba diving
20:34 PADI exit deep water
23:24 Scuba Equipment Disassembly

During the PADI Divemaster course, people assist on a PADI Confined Water Dive 5, and then during the PADI IDC Course, people learn how to organize Confined Dive 5 the right way. But still, in real life, many new dive instructors struggle to organize a Confined Water Dive.

In this PADI Confined Water Dive 5 skills video, we demonstrate the PADI Confined Water Dive 5 skills from a student level, not an instructor level.


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Marcel van den Berg is a certified PADI Divemaster (2007), OWSI (2007), MSDT (2007), IDCSI (2008), Master Instructor (2010), and Course Director since 2011. This video and other video’s on the YouTube Channels: IDC Koh Tao Thailand and Scuba Diving Tips are for general informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your Local Law, Scuba Diving Training Organisation, RSTC, and/or your scuba diving professional that is legally teaching/guiding you scuba diving whenever you are in doubt, or following a scuba diving course/guide scuba dive under the supervision of a scuba dive professional from any worldwide dive industry recognized scuba dive organization. Marcel (Mario) van den Berg, IDC Koh Tao Thailand, and/or Scuba Diving Tips are not liable or responsible for any advice, trading tips, or any other information, services, or product you obtain through this video or site. Marcel (Mario) van den Berg, IDC Koh Tao Thailand and/or Scuba Diving Tips are not liable or responsible for any injury, financial loss, failing a scuba diving course, and or loss of certification.

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PADI Confined Water Dive 5 Skills video.

High-End Villa Living – Growing Scuba Diving

Each of the diving websites has their cons and pros and one should weigh them prior to diving in the water. Finest good friend getting married and you are the maid of honour?! Now alarms are readily available on these watches.

PADI Confined Dive 5 ALL SKILLS in Order 🤙 Open Water Diver Course • Scuba Diving Tips

Looking For The Very Best Scuba Diving Gear

Barracuda Point Reef – The name is just what it recommends. Lake Superior is a terrific location for diving. Second of all, a diving watch must be geared up with an accurate GPS function, a water depth screen and a laser light.

Scuba diving Philippines does not get any diverse, anywhere in the world! No matter what level of scuba diver you are, diving Philippines has something to provide you. In reality I can almost ensure that the scuba diving you carry out in the Philippines will blow your mind and make you hesitate about diving when you get house. When diving in the Philippines, you will literally be spoilt.

Komodo: this island is splendid and you would fall in love the moment you reach there. This has been one of the most demanded places for shooting motion pictures and you must have observed it numerous times. One can quickly get access to all sorts of facilities required for scuba diving in Indonesia. Moreover, this location uses variety to divers and you would like it. While diving in Komodo, visitors can delight in seeing coral reefs of diverse sizes and colors. Other types that one can take enjoyment in watching include sponges, octopus, sunfish and a few more.

Once you start scuba diving, you’ll definitely be looking for more waters to dive into. Due to the fact that of the whole new world it offers you, you’ll find it difficult to offer up the sport. As your diving years of experience increase, your scuba diving location preferences also improve and much better. You will discover a great deal of remarkable places that provide you fantastic presence of the marine life around you, and one of these is diving in Egypt.

Consider whether you would delight in sky diving, deep sea diving, or gamboling with friendly dolphins together. If the answer is yes then discover a lovely adventure weekend for two.

Remember Belize is damp and hot, the majority of the year. A waterside home makes an ideal option, and not simply a place diving boat to getaway upon. The amount of areas Belize has the ability to offer, is not just encouraging however also tempting at the same time.

Firstly, you ought to only try to dive in currents if you have some scuba diving experience. As a minimum, you ought to have your PADI Open Water SCUBA accreditation. This course will teach you all the basic skills and knowledge you need to dive securely. You can take this course in any diving centre. Preferably, you will have a little bit more education and have actually completed the Advanced Open Water course which gives you even more experience in the water.

Before you make your big purchase, ensure you comprehend how the wetsuit works so you would understand the function that it will play in your diving experiences.

Crown – The crown is a really fundamental part of your watch. Marine life is also extremely vibrant too that a person can enjoy viewing them undersea. Fins are another aspect that you can not go diving without.

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What unique tools should I utilize?
For general wreckage diving, consisting of penetration, you will need a torch and a wreck reel, in addition to all the various other requirement diving devices.

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