Scuba Diver LIVE: Cave Diving with Phil Short & John Kendal

Published on May 18, 2021

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Pour yourself your favourite beverage – alcoholic or otherwise! – and get comfy for an entertaining evening with technical diving gurus and famed explorers Phil Short and John Kendall, who will be joining Mark Evans for a ‘virtual fireside chat’ on Scuba Diver Live on Tuesday 5 May at 8 pm (GMT).

Phil and John are icons in the diving world, logging thousands of dives around the planet, and exploring deep-water wrecks, daunting cave systems and much, much more.

Mark will be chatting to the diving duo about how they got started in diving, and what led them down the path into technical diving, as well as getting the inside scoop on some of their most memorable diving projects.

Join them on Scuba Diver Live on Tuesday evening, and put your questions to John and Phil!

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Scuba diving is a fantastic recreational activity. I can’t think the fish I saw in my dive off the coasts of Costa Rica. To the right of my right shoulder, as big as my fist was another black eyeball.

Scuba Diver LIVE: Cave Diving with Phil Short & John Kendal

How To Discover The Best Scuba Mask

With time it is possible to be conscious throughout each dive, with the effective minute we have in front of us. Strategy your diving journey today for this place for absolutely nothing but fun and fascination!

Today’s weddings do not resemble the weddings of long back. Gone are the days where a marital relationship needed to fit into particular criteria that normally included a church, official clothes and celebrations to follow. Today’s weddings are an experience all the way through.

Fins are also required in diving. Perhaps if you are diving no more than 30 feet in water depth, fins may not be essential. Yet in scuba diving which is frequently held greater than 30 feet in depth, fins are needed so the scuba diver’s thrust will be boosted. Fins are offered with or without straps.

Starting a scuba diving is a bit like other careers, though. You need to have that severe interest in diving, and then establish your capabilities to dealing with that. Though it seems so simple because scuba diving sounds all about fun, there’s more to learn to end up being a scuba diving trainer. You would need to master not just the craft of mentor however also establish a competence in diving.

The most well-known West side dive site in the island chain is Elephant Head Rock. Elephant Head Rock is likewise the name of among the oldest diving stores that lies in Phuket Island. To actually see whale sharks while diving, you will have to go to Richelieu Rock which is also part of the Similan Island chain. Lots of people feel that this is the supreme deep sea diving spot on the planet as, in addition to the whale sharks, other underwater life is plentiful in this location.

The dive website is just a little walk or swim far from where you are dropped off and typically provides the very same conditions as diving boat from a boat. It is a great idea to request for direction on how to get in the water, considering possible waves and currents. Expect to have restaurant during your surface area period in a dining establishment nearby the dive website.

When that pressure push constructs you feel discomfort. To keep that push from happening scuba divers include air to the cavities to make the pressure inside equivalent to the pressure outside. Failure to adjust the ears threatens loss of hearing.

There is likewise a cruise where your good friends and your household can go to delight in the view of the sea. The bottom deck will have some transparent windows for you to see the water as if you are the one diving. Alternatively, you can do boat diving where the boat will stop at one spot in the middle of the sea and there is where you can begin your diving journey.

See the coral reefs and exotic fish on your dives. It was here that tourists chose fantastic snorkeling experiences. Everything from treking in the mountains to swimming with dolphins. Have you been considering discovering to scuba dive.

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Why do you use an accident reel to dive?
Accident reels are used to mark your course when penetrating the wreckage. They are made use of by clipping or tying completion of your lines on a framework outside of the wreck then the line is reeled out as you swim within. If you were to come to be disorientated and lost inside the accident or if presence was bad, you can follow the line back to your entrance factor.

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Scuba Diver LIVE: Cave Diving with Phil Short & John Kendal
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