Spearfishing Bahamas Deepest Dive Ever 164 ft Hogfish

Published on May 18, 2021

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In today’s episode I take you down to 200 feet spearfishing in the Bahamas. In the first dive I ride a rock down to 184 feet to hunt in Long Island Bahamas with Luke Maillis. In the second video I dive 202 feet off Eleuthera to a reef no other human has ever seen. In the third video I shoot a hogfish at 164 feet off Long Island Bahamas on a constant weight dive. Unfortunately I run out of line on my reel while surfacing and disaster strikes. Thank you guys so much for watching be sure you hit that like button and are subscribed so you never miss an episode!

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One of the best ways to support us is by purchasing your spearfishing gear through American Dive Co and using RMX10 at checkout for 10% off your entire order. Below are some links to some of my favorite spearfishing gear.

Cetma Mantra Fins. I’m using these in medium stiffness with Pathos footpockets.
Cetma Composites Mantra for Pathos

Pathos Laser Carbon Roller Spearguns. I’m currently using the 110 as my deep reef and bluewater gun.
Pathos Laser Carbon Roller Speargun

Pathos Sniper Aluminum Speargun. I like the 100 cm for a shallow water all around reef gun.
Pathos Sniper Aluminum Speargun

Pathos Laser Open Aluminum Speargun. Great quality entry level gun that I often let beginners use.
Pathos Laser Open Aluminum Speargun

SpearPro Dyneema Gloves. I am a huge fan of Dyneema gloves and these are simply the best.
SpearPro Dyneema Gloves Tuna

PoloSub 3.5 mm Open Cell Wetsuit. Comfort is everything in the ocean and I haven’t found anything else like the Italian made PoloSub suits.
Polosub Lined Open Cell Black 3.5mm Mens Wetsuits

Beuchat Mundial Freedive Watch.
Beuchat Mundial 3 – Electronic Freediving Computer / Dive Watch

Ryan: https://www.instagram.com/ryanmyers_expeditions/
Sam: https://www.instagram.com/samahgram/

Discovering The Best Wetsuit For Scuba Diving

Both groups are stated to have fewer child young boys. In addition to your diving gear, you will want to have a buoyancy control gadget or BCD. Diving is a totally different world from business diving.

Spearfishing Bahamas Deepest Dive Ever 164 ft Hogfish

Purchasing The Best Scuba Gear For Your Diving Experiences

Lazily, still dissatisfied, persuaded grownups will never ever comprehend kids, she trugged to the bathroom. You need to be able to teach your students in a short time, how to stay safe and alive when scuba diving.

Purchasing utilized diving equipment is one of the current trends today. Given that buying brand name new equipment is pretty expensive, purchasing secondhand scuba diving gear is something that you require to go out and do. Used scuba diving equipments are scuba equipments that came from another person previously. You can find these things in various locations like the categorized advertisements typically seen in papers and publications.

You can always buy the scuba diving equipment one piece at time if you believe that this cost of scuba diving is over your budget. If this is the much better choice for you, then I suggest you start of with acquiring the regulator, then the BCD. In this time you can still rent the remainder of the devices nevertheless it will be more affordable now that you own a few of your scuba equipment. However bear in mind that if you were to buy your scuba diving equipment in bulk you can get some good deals through discount rates so perhaps the overall costs may be reduced.

Besides Lake Superior, you can also try scuba in Brainerd Lakes County. Here you will find a scenic area where mine pits have been transformed into crystal lakes. These lakes are a preferred scuba spot. Minnesota locals and visitors to the area can have a terrific time diving in these guy made lakes.

When you write posts in your specific niche you need to focus on your own experiences. For example, if your specific niche is deep sea diving and you have years of experience on this subject, then blog about your individual understanding and understanding of deep sea diving. Do not stress if your chosen niche is brand-new to you, what I am recommending is if you wish to become an expert in a brief amount of time, you can do so in the space of three or four weeks by doing some aggressive research study.

It is a terrific, exciting and certainly unforgettable experience to dive the Great Barrier Reef. On a diving boat vacation you will switch dive stories with others, you will experience mainly smooth seas, you will dive beautiful reefs, deep drop offs, see beautiful marine life, check out caves and tunnels, and indulge in the sun between dives on the deck of a boat or sun drenched beach.

If swimming amongst dolphins and coral aren’t hardcore enough for you, how about skydiving. Leaping from a plane cutting through the clouds could not be more romantic if you like the sensation of a pounding heart and sweating palms. Naturally, there are those that seem like nothing else is very important other than for the moment they are in. For them on their big day, absolutely nothing else will exist other than their liked one and the few minutes it requires to reach the earth.

No journey to Cape Town will be total without checking out the Table Mountain. There are some good trekking and treking routes to reach the summit. There is also a cable television car that can be taken to reach the top of the mountain. The view from the top is amazing and spectacular and definitely worth the climb.

Swiss Army watches can have up to three smaller watch deals with on the main one. The Abyss is an unique film in a lot of methods. Jesus prayed that God keep the evils of this world from crushing us.

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Scuba diving opens your eyes to the interesting and alien undersea globe that exists below the surface area of the ocean. Night diving makes this globe appear a lot more strange as the darkness changes the depths into an entirely different globe brimming with new life. This brings with it a new set of obstacles and threats that will examine your wits as well as diving abilities.

When diving in the evening, an effective scuba diving torch is required for safety as well as interaction functions. Scuba diving sign language still plays a vital role during night dives, with activities performed close to the chest whilst being lit up by lantern light. Surface Pen Buoys are an indispensable inflatable diving gadget that assists divers continue to be touching the boat whilst night diving.

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Spearfishing Bahamas Deepest Dive Ever 164 ft Hogfish
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