World Record Deepest saturation dive 534m

Published on March 25, 2021

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Deepest saturation dive
World record
534 m (1,752 ft)
COMEX Hydra 8, Hyperbaric Experimental Centre, Marseille, France, 1988. Breathing a gas mixture of hydro-heliox (hydrogen 49%, helium 50% and oxygen 1%), it took four COMEX (Compagnie maritime d’expertises) divers, and two divers of the Marine nationale (French Navy), eight days to compress inside a chamber to the maximum bottom pressure of 53 atmospheres (780 psi). A total of six dives were conducted with a total of 28 hours of work at depths of 520 m (1,706 ft) and 534 m (1,752 ft). Once at depth, the divers conducted pipeline connection exercises in open water. After completing their assigned tasks, the divers re-entered the chamber for 18 days of decompression. The record openwater dive in the Mediterranean led to COMEX’s record experimental saturation dive in 1992.

COMEX divers: Thierry Arnold, Régis Peilho, Patrick Raude, Louis Schneider.

Marine nationale divers: Serge Icart, Jean-Guy Marcel-Auda.

Scuba Cops Is Watching – Worth Of Continuing Education

Cyanide poisoning is utilized for capturing fish for marine aquarium lovers.
There is likewise a cruise where your friends and your family can go to delight in the view of the sea.

World Record   Deepest saturation dive 534m

How To Manage Soreness After A Scuba Dive

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By the end of an instructor advancement course, you are expected to read more than simply the fundamentals of diving. You’ll be taught about diving requirements, security and guidelines and the scuba diving system as it associates with the law. Naturally, you’ll learn a number of methods that you can use to successfully teach your future students.

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The right boat job is not the exact same for everyone. The right one for you depends on your individual interests in addition to your abilities and experience. For instance, if you are SCUBA accredited, you would most likely discover your specific niche on a diving boat. , if you have a present for gab and truly delight in dealing with crowds of individuals (some folks do!), your ideal location might be on a tour boat pointing out the landmarks of a hectic harbor to looking tourists.

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Diving is a life time experience. The beauty is maintained vigilantly by each scuba diver, who never chooses & clutters the ocean up debris, which is non-bio degradable, bringing it to the surface to be reclaimed in the boat. The bonding in between scuba divers world over is deep since they consider their sport as sacred!

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Is wreck diving much more unsafe than regular diving?
When wreck diving, the dangers coincide in any other leisure diving, so always stay with your deepness limits and recognize your decompression limits yet as a result of the atmosphere related to wreck diving, you should be careful to adhere to the extra security treatments that are included. These can be learned in even more information during your progressed open water program and the PADI wreck scuba diver specialized program.

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World Record   Deepest saturation dive 534m
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