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Published on April 28, 2021

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Two miles off the shore of Oahu, a Corsair F4U airplane crashed into the water in the closing months of World War II. The plane is an oasis of life in an otherwise barren desert of sand. The UnderH2O film team dives to a depth of 100 feet to document this fully intact piece of history.

The wreck of the Corsair is episode 3 in our series, UnderH2O. In the series, our team of cameramen give a behind-the-scenes look at underwater film making and show how we go about capturing images of some nature’s most exciting underwater events, creatures, and locations.

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Produced, Directed and Edited by
Craig Musburger

Executive Producers:
Craig Musburger
Brian Musburger

Assistant Editor:
Matt Workman

Underwater Camera Operators:
Craig Musburger
Doug Harper
Brett Schumacher
Griffith Jurgens

Maritime History Consultant
Hans K Van Tilburg, PhD

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WWII Corsair Wreck Dive | UnderH2O | PBS Digital Studios

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Famous YouTube Videos About What’s Sea Diving and Wreck Scuba Diving, WWII Corsair Wreck Dive | UnderH2O | PBS Digital Studios.

Is wreck diving harmful?
Accident diving can be hazardous if proper procedures aren’t adhered to. As long as sufficient training is taken on, wreckage diving can be very excellent enjoyable, safe and rewarding.

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