2020 Viking 80' Enclosed Bridge [Walkthrough]

Published on January 28, 2021

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Like all Viking Yachts models, the VIKING YACHTS 80 ENCLOSED BRIDGE hones its blue-water DNA from its stable mates. The sleek styling of the VIKING YACHTS 80 ENCLOSED BRIDGE showcases an impeccable sheer line with nine feet of freeboard forward tapering to slightly more than three feet at the stern, a lively reflection of the aggressive profiles of its recent brethren including the VIKING 92 and VIKING 62 Convertibles. The VIKING 80 hull’s sharper entry merges with a higher forward chine designed to divert spray downward when ripping through head seas. Convex hull sections add curvature and form to the refined running surface, while a quad of molded running strakes accentuate lateral tracking and maneuverability. Tumblehome at the corners of the curved transom adds definition and beauty. Deadrise at the transom is 12.5 degrees and the beam is carried well aft providing exceptional volume, buoyancy and balance, a deft combination, which comfortably accommodates additional fuel, and the weight of a gyro stabilizer. The VIKING YACHTS 80 ENCLOSED BRIDGE is a true dual purpose sportfish, equally suited tournament fishing and family cruising.

Viking Yachts 80 Enclosed Bridge Walkthrough Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Doug Donahue I’m a Viking Yachts specialist with HMY Yacht Sales in Palm Beach Florida. Today we are gonna take a look at the 80 Viking convertible enclosed bridge with a custom Palm Beach towers tuna Tower. So we’re in the cockpit and you can really feel the 21 feet four inch beam. If you have five or six, seven anglers out here you’re not going to be bumping elbows plenty of room for everybody to get a shot at catching. Full teak package. Teak on the mezzanine steps and cockpit soul. You have ultra leather mezzanine seating. Up above that is our cool breeze mezzanine air conditioning system. Tackle center. Refrigerators and freezers under every compartment in the mezzanine. Eskimo ice chipper discharges into this box. This is capable of making a thousand pounds of crushed ice a day. This is the Release Marine large Marlin Trillion Series fighting chair. It allows big guys to get back here like me. You don’t feel like the mezzanine is in the way you have enough room to work your rods or whatever you’re doing for your sport fishing application that day. Moving off to the transom you have a large transom box which is also plumbed as a live bait well, two full length in deck fish boxes with dividers mounted underneath the gunnels are outlets that are both 12 and 24 volt that’s for electric reels and they’re both standard right here under the gunnels. Lastly is access to your sea keeper stabilizer which in this model is a SK 35.

All right so we’re now entering the salon of the 80 Viking enclosed and you can see how Vikings are known for their elegant appointments on their interior can really feel how the 21 feet 4 inch
beam carries itself throughout this whole boat. So as you walk in the salon immediately to the starboard side you’re gonna see a stainless steel fixed staircase up to the flybridge it’s a very easy staircase to go up and down. As you look to the starboard side there’s a cocktail ice maker right below the steps and some audio-visual equipment. If you continue a little bit forward on the starboard side there’s bottle storage and bar storage and in the upper section of the cabinetry is a large pop-up flat-screen TV. Looking to the port side is a u-shaped sofa with a high-low walnut cocktail table and forward of that is the galley and dinette area. One of my favorite features of this boat is the galley itself and you can see here she’s a featured with a very lightweight Cambria stone and a beveled edge and the Cambria is the lightest stone that we can put in a sport fish boat like this. A bunch of different techniques Viking does to make our boats as strong as they possibly can be yet as lightweight as they possibly can be to offer the performance and fuel consumption that our customers expect in our industry. She’s featured with six sub-zero galley drawers two refrigerator two freezers a surface-mounted stove sink and a trash compactor. Across from the galley is the u-shaped dinette area but below is a roll out cabinet here that’s designed for rod storage you can fit 30s tlds, spinners, depending on how you set it up you can put quite a bit of tackle in here and most people choose to do that with this space. Up above is the dinette table with a u-shaped ultra leather appointed settee and two storage drawers below. It’s a very nice place to be comfortable. This area in conjunction with the bar stools and the u-shaped settee you can really pack some people in here and entertain very well and it’s it’s just a fully functional layout.

Choosing The Right Boat Equipment

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2020 Viking 80' Enclosed Bridge [Walkthrough]

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