Living OFF GRID on a BUDGET Sailboat | S04E24

Published on March 25, 2021

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What unique challenges do we face while attempting to live and sail full time on our 30 foot sailboat? In this episode we answer this question and more as we explain the off grid systems and components of our Allied Seawind 30 sailboat. We dive into sun and heat protection, fresh water storage, rain collection, showering, food storage, cooking, and our galley setup, our wind and solar array as well as our diesel engine, and finally how we stay connected while off grid.

Ventilation and Sun Protection- Minute 1:51
Sewing our Wind Scoop:
Sewing our Sun Shade: and
Pattern for Sun Shades:
Making Our Hard Dodger:
Silicone Cowl Vent:
Vetus Dorade Box 40 – 7-9/16″ – no longer in production- closest model:
Caframo 12 V Fans:
Long Sleeve Sun shirts:

Why we bought a small sailboat – Minute 5:43

Waste and Fresh Water – Minute 8:01
0.5 Micron Carbon Filter:
.05 micron carbon filter housing:
String Filter:
String Filter housing:
Helio Shower:
Collapsible bucket :

Do We Need a Bigger Boat – Minute 13:37

Galley – Minute 14:38
Engel Portable Fridge and Freezer:
Collapsible tupperware:
Magma Stainless Steel Nesting Pans :
Stainless Steel Tea Kettle:
Omnia Stovetop Oven:
Stove Top Pressure Cooker :
Stove Top Camping Toaster :
Fiberglass propane tank:

Electricity – Minute 19:07
Silent Wind Generator:
Flexible Solar Panels:
Rigid Solar Panels:
Beta Marine 25 hp Diesel Engine:
Battery monitor:
8 PH Tohatsu Outboard Engine:

The challenges of living off grid on a sailboat – Minute 21:12

Waste and Trash – Minute 22:44
Manual Pump Marine Toilet:

Communication: Minute 24:16
Weboost Drive Cell Phone Signal Booster:
Weather Fax Setup:
Delorme InReach Satellite Communicator:
Iridium Go Satellite phone and weather:

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Primary Vlogging Camera-
Primary Vlogging Camera Lense-
Primary Vlogging Camera Microphone-
Vlogging Camera w/ flip screen-
Sony RX100 Digital Camera-
Sony RX100 Underwater Housing-
GoPro Hero 7 Black-
Joby –
Adobe Premier Pro –
Editing Laptop-
Hard Drive-

Super Sailmakers:
Sleep on Latex:
Silent Wind:
Monitor Windvane:
Mantus Marine:
Fortress Marine Anchors:
Tilley Hats:
Helio Shower:
Aqua Quest Waterproof Gear:
Sport-A-Seat: use code ATTICUS10 for $10 off
Colligo Marine Synthetic Rigging:
Edson Marine:
Predict Wind:
Trayvax Wallets: use code ATTICUS for %10 off
Keen Footwear:

Epidemic Sound

Boat Fishing – The Various Boats Available

Accompany experienced individuals who have actually fished in the deep sea prior to. My uncle Ray revealed me his sailboat prepares last year prior to building his own sailboat. Choose the boat that tackles 100 miles to sea.

Living OFF GRID on a BUDGET Sailboat | S04E24

Boats To Develop: Sailboat Plans For Every Location

While fishing on land can be fun, cruising can add an additional touch of class and fun. However, they’re excellent for fragile and short cast like those needed dry fly fishing.

If adventure is your line of video game, you will feel pleased when you attempted deep sea fishing, but you will certainly look forward to doing it again. The established, the area, and the activities are all worth the expedition. The experiences and the fun of deep sea fishing will make this day a memory that you will really keep in mind for the rest of your life.

The waves were only two or three feet and there was no wind when we got into the ocean. Initially, we were happy there was no wind, but quickly we wanted there was. The boat we were on was a cabin cruiser with the captain’s position up on top. All of the exhaust was routed through a pipe that increased through the center of the boat. This arrangement was most likely OKAY when it was windy, but on our day the exhaust was sucked down to the passenger location. We all got a little green since it took a half and an hour to get to the captain’s favorite Sailboat Fishing “spot”.

Run INS. Expect to fulfill more than your average pond frogs, or regional lake creatures. You remain in the open sea! Where you may get the opportunity to see the good, the bad and the awful of the deep blue sea. Dolphins, manatees, puffer fish, and yes sharks! No need to feel distressed about this possible run in, fishing charters and your skipper are really well-informed of Deep sea Fishing spots and will make sure absolutely safe.

The battle can vary, but normally they will make a really pronounced preliminary run followed by a pause and subsequent sharp runs. Do not overplay the fish to the point it is exhausted, and do not attempt to net the fish so green that it will hurt itself flailing about. Take benefit of their “pause” by turning their heads carefully, pumping your rod, and drawing in line to bring them closer to you. Let them take drag when they desire to run. Do not put too much pressure on the fish as you may wear a hole in their lip that will make escape much simpler for them. And do not, by any methods, offer them slack line.

To sum everything up I’m going to make it easy for you and inform you your very first fly-Fishing rod need to be a 5-weight-fast- action-graphite. Match a reel to the rod loaded with a DT (double taper) high exposure floating line, and, if you have the budget for it, purchase an additional spindle loaded with a # 1 sinking line and another spool loaded with a # 3 sinking line. The above tip will offer you one rod that you can fish all the designs in all conditions.

First, take a look at sea fishing reels that are designed for a saltwater environment. The sea’s salt tends to be difficult on some materials. The very best ones are framed in aluminum or stainless-steel to withstand rusting and corrosion. These are likewise bigger and more unfaltering to accommodate severe weather (storms can take place fast at sea) and deal with bigger, stronger fish.

You will require to register your MMSI number into the unit so it can be part of your signal. Somebody getting the signal either another vessel or a Coast Guard coast station VTS can see your signal and be able to call you by name and call indication.

The location that produces confusion after the days’ catch is the “biggest fish guideline” Many deep sea fishing boats tend to keep the biggest catch without informing the fishing crew. Kindly ask the guide what fish they intend to keep and let all the anglers be pleased with the result. This will make sure a really smooth ride back.

Spooking them may break up the pod and in turn you may lose your structure. As pointed out above, you may not have the time to wait leisurely for fish to bite your bait. An excellent boating school can teach you all you require to know.

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