From living in Berlin to living on a sailboat in Greece – BOAT LIFE Ep. 01

Published on October 1, 2021

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Having some very rudimentary knowledge and no practical experience with sailing, 3 years ago we decided we wanted to pack up our stuff and sail around the world. We worked our a$$es off to save up enough money, learn some basic things about boats and wind and stuff and get all the required licenses (after all Alex is German and I (Mandy) am Dutch and our governments love licenses, so as the good civilians that we are, we got them all!).

Now the time has come to leave the city of Berlin, which has been our comfortable home for the past 11 (Alex) and 5 (Mandy) years, behind. We wave our friends and family, colleagues and the city goodbye, drag our many, heavy bags to the plane and arrive on our boat Blue in Lefkas, Greece.
Today we went from living in Berlin to living on a sailboat in Greece!

Today we start our sailing adventure in the Med! If you are as excited as we are and are curious to see where the wind blows us and which difficulties we encounter upon, join us on this journey and subscribe!

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Antigua Holidays – Daytime Activities For All The Family

It has no beaches, but does have adorable rocky coves where travelers enjoy snorkeling. The typical temperature of this place remains near about 86 degree Fahrenheit. You can see the dolphin efficiency in this theater.

From living in Berlin to living on a sailboat in Greece - BOAT LIFE Ep. 01

Pointers For Planning The Finest Luxury Yacht Vacations

Wide variety of lodgings are at hand in every beach; from glamorous down to affordable rental properties and hotels. For sightseeing, go to the Church of Our Woman of Remedios. You can open up your zip wires at the full speed.

Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius has 4 smaller islands connected to the main island. These are Agalega, Rodrigues, St Brandon and Diego Garcia. These together are referred to as the Republic of Mauritius. The republic of Mauritius has an area of about 2000 square metres. Mauritius Island alone is about 1840 square metres, Rodrigues is 140 square metres and the rest is divided practically similarly between Agalega and Diego Garcia. Although their small size, all these islands have an airport. For Mauritius and Rodrigues, it is rather huge.

The recreational activities with Cancun Mexico holidays include diving, sailing holidays, windsurfing, jet snowboarding, snorkeling by the reef or relaxing on the beach, horseback riding and golf. Check Out the Riviera Maya with a directed jungle tour, or a private tour deep into the Sian Ka’an biosphere. As night falls, Cancun ends up being a hot area of bars, clubs, discos and jazz clubs. Downtown Cancun is the ideal location to go if you are searching for authentic Mexican food or if you wish to see the life and culture of the genuine Mexico. You can find a lot of tours, nightclubs, dining establishments, water sports and ancient Mayan ruins.

Since you are able to personalize it, a sailing yacht getaway is perfect. You can select to lease one on your own if you understand how to cruise however for those who don’t understand anything about cruising, you can get a plan that currently has a skipper and even a cook for the whole trip.

The clear blue seas of the Caribbean are cherished in the memories of all who love sailing in style. The myriad of multicolored fish shimmering in a bottomless sea is a marvel to see.

Water Skiing is the sport for the individuals who loves the water sports and there’s no much better option that is discovered other than the skiing. In the Water snowboarding individual simply need to swoosh on water. One has to take up the speedboat and needs to endeavor on the deep sea holidays which provides the awesome experience to the sport fans.

The other major tourist attraction is Stingray City, which remains in the North Sound. In around 12 feet of warm crystal clear water you can get up near Atlantic southern stingrays. These fish were attracted to the area as fishermen utilized the area to clean their catch. This was aided by regional scuba divers offering snacks sailing vacations to them. Now they understand that a boat indicates food. If 12 feet seems to challenging, they can likewise be seen at the nearby sandbar, where you can stand waist deep in the water.

A getaway cruise offers remarkable worth. With the price of your cruise ticket, you get your efficient yet comfy stateroom with housekeeping that seems to be never ever ending. The indulging service that you receive is extraordinary in terms of resorts. You receive all on-board meals. When it comes to the mega ships, this can mean an option of sophisticated dining spaces with mouth watering discussions. These floating resorts offer a variety of athletic activities that can vary from beach ball and basketball to rock climbing and ice skating! And when the sun sets, the ships become “entertainment main”. From Broadway and Vegas style reveals to intimate lounges to rocking discos, the mega cruise ships provide it all!

While going to Charleston you will see amazing architecture and a history like no other place in the world. Experience the Revolutionary War up close and individual at The Charleston Museum where they will host a 3 part lecture on the impact that the war had on Charleston.

There are a wide array of fun things to do at the Myrtle Beach. Lots of first-timers are confused about what’s consisted of in your cruise price. Keep in mind back when individuals used to circumnavigate the world by boat?

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From living in Berlin to living on a sailboat in Greece – BOAT LIFE Ep. 01
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