Ionian sea: Sailing from Italy to Greece (#10)

Published on February 8, 2021

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As we cross from Messina, Italy, to Gouvia (Corfou), Greece, we rest in Erikoussa. A stop welcomed after head winds gusting unexpectedly above 35 knots (for 160 miles of the total trip of 272).

Erikoussa is beautiful. Anchorages are few but you can find beaches for yourself!

We picked our last rock samphire of the season and found some very good wild sage as well to restock our home-made herbal teas.

Locals have it that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is a school-friend of the island’s mayor and loves to come here for getting away. We did not meet him but met instead a friendly camper who shared a Frappé with us. A lovely encounter.

Video contains English, French and Turkish soundbites. Non-english pieces are sub-titled.

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Destinations that supply large open area and fresh tidy air will do marvels in helping you feel lively and alive. Swimming, diving and snorkeling in the bay rather pleasurable. One of the top honeymoon areas on the planet is Anguilla.

Ionian sea:  Sailing from Italy to Greece (#10)

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Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka are having direct transportation link from Kadamba bus stand at Panaji. Check out the Water snowboarding at Ski Paradise if you wish to go snowboarding. It is positioned in Acapulco in Mexico.

Gentle lapping of the waves on the shore and enjoyable sunshine on your face is what the majority of us dream of when swamped at work. What would we not provide it to come true? Then comes holiday time and we all set out to unwind and make our dreams come true.

Karpathos is a conventional sailing holidays island with mountain villages and lovely beaches. There is a line of mountains that separates the island down the middle, with one side of the island being fertile and green and the other side being rocky. There are some hotels and dining establishments in the port town of Pigadia, the capital. Tourism is constant here, but it’s not over-crowded. The Olympus mountain town is a secluded village where Middle ages crafts are made and customizeds are performed. The island has an airport, and ferryboats that depart from Pireaus, and some that go to Crete, Santorini, Rhodes, Milos, Naxos, Paros, Kassos and Halki.

Because you are able to individualize it, a cruising luxury yacht holiday is ideal. You can choose to rent one on your own if you know how to cruise however for those who do not understand anything about cruising, you can get a bundle that already has a skipper and even a cook for the whole trip.

The most favorable seasons for visiting this location are between the months of May and September. Throughout this season, the weather condition is not usually warm, so it is not needed to bring swimwears with you.

2. Pre-Christmas Cruise – Vacation Cruises are incredibly popular, especially around Christmas time. Invest six days cruising in the warm waters of the Western Caribbean and deep sea holidays checking out the beautiful destinations of Secret West, Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Patriots Point Resort is well familiarized with water lovers. Charleston Race Week is held here in the Spring, and sport fishing tournaments are throughout the season. White and black photos of previous tournament winners line the walls in the Reel Bar. A quick bike flight or shuttle bus from East Cooper Shuttle bus will transfer you over to Shem Creek. For sailing vacations visitors choosing to enter into Charleston the Water Taxi leaves from Dock A per hour, dropping guests at the Charleston Maritime Center, within walking range of the Fish tank. Bikes and family pets are welcome on the water taxi. Bring the camera for special close ups of the hull of the U.S.S. Yorktown and the Arthur Ravenel Bridge.

Avoid hauling your rowboat especially in rough weather, as you may lose it. It’s better to keep it secured in front of the mast. Bear in mind that lost products are always charged to the charterer. In case you require yank aid and prior to you accept it, settle on the rate and ask for an invoice that clearly specifies that no more payment will be asked.

One could easily invest a week finding the historical places in this area. Seeing a sundown through the shrimp boat wings, strolling along the docks of the creek after supper, and taking some time to explore local stores will endear visitors to this lovely area so close to Charleston. A kayak trip will shed light on preservation efforts on the Creek, and a discussion with residents at Red’s will further enhance your visit here. Take a look at the many marvels of Shem Creek and Old Town Mt. Pleasant quickly, prior to it’s too late to keep in mind the method things were.

Vacations don’t have to be another summer retreat of your weight-loss. Remember back when individuals used to take a trip around the world by boat? The conditions for fishing in both fresh and seawater are ideal.

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Ionian sea:  Sailing from Italy to Greece (#10)
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