Ep 18. Super yachts, Seasickness & night sailing (Sailing Susan Ann II)

Published on February 8, 2021

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Episode 18.

Super yachts, Seasickness & night sailing.

This week on Susan Ann II we start our journey down to the Canary Islands in order to be there in time for the start of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. First stop of course has to be Monaco and, purely coincidentally, it happens to be Super Yacht Week. So, while I nip off to do a course in Marseilles, France, Hayley gets offered a job for the week and earns our first and only income for over 7 months now! Not that drinking Champagne on a 100m yacht sounds like hard work to me!

We collected a friend of mine, Barney who came along to help us do a few night watches and get the boat down to Ibiza in one sail. Luckily, the winds were really blowing, we made such good time that we could stop over in Majorca to have dinner with another friend of ours, Simon.

Unfortunately, with strong winds and swell right on our beam, all three off us were not feeling our best, considering Barney and I have worked at sea for over 50 years between us, it must have been bad. This may be one of those occasions when a catamaran isn’t the most enjoyable sail? Seasickness does wear off after a while once the body gets used to the strange motion but we were all glad to see land after 3 days.

Please tune in for our next episode where we sail the next leg from Ibiza to Gibraltar to depart the Mediterranean.

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Purchasing A Sailboat – Suggestions To Buy New Or Utilized Sailboat

Remember, this formula only applies to travelling boats or large racing boats– not planing type powerboats. That implies you can poke into coves and shallow waterways where much deeper draft boats could not go.

Ep 18. Super yachts, Seasickness & night sailing (Sailing Susan Ann II)

Looking For Decked Sailing Canoe Strategies On The Internet?

Do your research and follow the rational actions in approaching a sailboat seller and buying a sailboat. Battery-powered boats are easy to run and the batteries are usually rechargeable.

Pontoon boat fishing can be a lot enjoyable. I call it “my living room on the water”. You have sofas, easy chairs, chairs with backs on them so you can lean back with convenience, a grill if required, porta potty, swim platform and ladder for when it gets too hot to fish and you wish to cool down in the summertime time, bimini top for shade, a sink, plus a cooler for all the needed beverages and food. All the conveniences of home right on the water.

But boats with a bit narrower beam are typically more sea-kindly and will not bounce around a lot in choppy seas. Boats with narrower beams tend to point higher when beating (or close hauled).Boats with broader sailboat fishing beams tend to heel less than those with narrower beams.

We didn’t predict the issues we will come across. We made some bad options that might have been prevented had we done a bit more homework, and had some great strong guidance like what follows in this post. You MUST be careful with whom you work with in concerns to sailing charters or you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and lies.

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Although these lessons on the internet are expected to be offered by professionals or sailing enthusiasts, a guarantee that they are really experts or licensed in sailing boats must be uncovered. Beginner sailors will likewise have a tough time understanding the instructions on the internet as the majority of them consist of cruising terms. Beginners require to learn these cruising terms first prior to carrying on to the basic strategies. These sailing terms are generally discovered on the internet or on books, handbooks and magazines about cruising.

Most small boat diesel engine mechanics will tell you that sailboat hire engines get abused more than any other type of engine. We sailors frequently do not run our auxiliary equipment enough time or hard enough!

Make sure the raw-water seacock deal with lines up with the raw water pipe. This opens the valve to allow cooling water to the engine. After you begin the engine, check the stern exhaust tube for a consistent circulation of water. Obstruction typically points to a clogged raw water filter or a things trapped against the outdoors raw water consumption.

Some other terrific Hobie Mirage designs consist of the Sanctuary, the Pro Angler, and the Adventure Island. Hobie likewise offers inflatable Mirage kayaks as well: the i9., i12, and the tandem i14.

That’s the fastest speed this specific travelling sailboat can sail. Docking in reverse is not for newbies as the fenders and the rudder may strike the dock hard. Adhering to the plan can be a subject of discussion whilst underway.

Ep 18. Super yachts, Seasickness & night sailing (Sailing Susan Ann II). sailing c cross.

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Ep 18. Super yachts, Seasickness & night sailing (Sailing Susan Ann II)
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