HOW TO SAIL through a STORM at SEA – Sailing Kauana Ep 17

Published on April 28, 2021

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On this episode, we go through a complicated sail all the way in to Calais, in France, right in to the English Chanel. Things get a litle more interesting as we have to wait outside the port until a swinging bridge is opened after the huge tide variation.

We enjoy some French breakfast with some Nutella croissants and Larissa gets crazy feeding the seagulls.

The weather was so nice that we ended up enjoying the beach and the summer for a litle longer than we should, and things got nasty the next day! We sailed out in to bad storm weather, because the forecast was underestimating things.

Also in this episode… We’ll show you how to raise our sails in strong winds putting a reef in the main sail as we do it.

Obviously it was all Larissa´s idea, trying to kill us getting out of the port in really bad weather! 🙂

Lots of love from us…


How A Boat Can Make Retirement A Pleasure

A few of the craft work put into customized radio controlled sailboats and yachts is exceptional. Shortlist some vacation destinations and keep your options open before completing a location.

HOW TO SAIL through a STORM at SEA - Sailing Kauana Ep 17

Used Boat Sale – An Ideal Option For Financial Investment And To Save Money

Due to the fact that chartering involves sleeping aboard you save loads every day! This can save you time so you can currently start on your next sailboat task. As long as no one’s hurt, do not stress about looking bad.

They called from their remote fishing village in British Columbia. They had been on the precipice of a divorce but had retreated in horror after getting a more detailed look at all the damage that would have followed. They were ready to try the radical alternative of a personal seven-day sailing odyssey with a psychologist and his spouse to numerous towns along the rivers and sounds of North Carolina. They had actually discovered our website and read some of my book before calling us for assistance.

Restricted in its capability to maneuver: This usually refers to large commercial vessels in shipping barges, lanes, or vessels sailboat fishing engaged in drilling, towing or dredging. Well durh once again – naturally this makes good sense.

Sit backwards – This the opposite to the beat where you have to sit forwards, in the run you need to sit backwards. Due to the fact that the boat naturally pushes the bow into the water creating drag or in especially high winds capsizing the boat, this is. Instead sit somewhat backwards and permit the acquiesce ideal itself.

The next day I again strolled along the river to work and tongue in cheek stated to the Universe, “That was pretty clever yesterday, 2 dolphins in the river. I bet you couldn’t do that again”. I let the feeling of smugness increase up until I looked down. and there painted on the bow of the sailboat anchored to a pontoon near the boardwalk was. two dolphins.

Northstar was sold in 1969 by Hughes. The company was purchased back in 1971 and renamed Hughes Boat Functions. This business was Canadian. It stayed in Canadian hands till it’s damage by fire in 1971. The original Hughes Boat factory which was located in Orangeville, Ontario was (as gone over) damaged by a fire.The factory is no longer producing these sailing boats.

We set out for Norman Island. We unfurled the jib, but never raised the mainsail. It was a good introduction to cruising without too much stress, and I got my first chance sailboat hire to man the helm.

Make sure the raw-water seacock manage lines up with the raw water tube. This opens the valve to enable cooling water to the engine. After you begin the engine, examine the stern exhaust tube for a stable circulation of water. Obstruction typically points to a blocked raw water filter or an object trapped versus the outside raw water consumption.

Due to the Difference in between Class A and Class B transmission rates, it would be worthless for quick moving craft like high speed ferries. You will get a ping only twice a minute. At 20 knots the high speed ferry has moved quite a range and in limited visibility this could be far too late. In this case Class A is for you.

We unfurled the jib, but never raised the mainsail. These more recent vessels became quite popular around the early 1900’s. Radio controlled boats are a popular toy around the globe.

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HOW TO SAIL through a STORM at SEA – Sailing Kauana Ep 17
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