SAILING SOLO without an autopilot. Three sleep deprived days AT SEA – UNTIE THE LINES IV #39

Published on February 8, 2021

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Solo sailing without an autopilot is not much fun. Less than half of the 500nm passage from Colombia to Ecuador, my autopilot stopped working and I could not fix it. Whenever there was wind, I could use my windvane to stear the boat, but unfortunately there were many hours with low and turning winds during which I had to hand stear.

I filmed a lot on this passage to give you a good picture of what it is like to be out there by yourself and what the daily routine looks like. Of course, I could have summed up that week at sea in one short video, but I thought this gives you a better feel for the moment.

The many fishing nets along the way made the sail a bit like a slalom parcour and I nearly peed my pants when a whale popped up right next to Karl who was followed by his family and / or friends.

Apart from being a bit tired, I had a great time and was looking forward to cross the equator.

But more about that, next week!

Enjoy & Ahoy,
Nike & Karl

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This is NOT a live documentary! There is a time difference between filming and publishing due to the time it takes to send data home, to edit the episodes and to internet not always being awailable on those little remote palm tree islands 🙂

Sailboat Anchor Suggestions – 3 Ways To Boost Boat Anchor Power!

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SAILING SOLO without an autopilot. Three sleep deprived days AT SEA - UNTIE THE LINES IV #39

Novices Assist To Sail Boating

However this pastime likewise pays a price which is of a high one. It was a good introduction to cruising without excessive stress, and I got my very first chance to man the helm. Well you have pertained to the right place!

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Chuck we are in a great deal of problem. We may be OK sailboat fishing if we can endure for 30 or 45min. I think that the crew will be out to put the racing pylons in place. They will undoubtedly see the boat with the sail down it the water, and know that there is a problem.

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SAILING SOLO without an autopilot. Three sleep deprived days AT SEA – UNTIE THE LINES IV #39. sailing 2 roblox.

SAILING SOLO without an autopilot. Three sleep deprived days AT SEA – UNTIE THE LINES IV #39, Watch most searched explained videos related to When Sailing Solo How Do You Sleep.
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SAILING SOLO without an autopilot. Three sleep deprived days AT SEA – UNTIE THE LINES IV #39
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