What every guest and crew needs to know coming on a boat / Sailing Aquarius HOW TO

Published on May 18, 2021

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NOTE: I guess this video eludes that we have many guests on Aquarius, but over 2.5 years of sailing we had less than 10 people visiting us.
Our goal is to circumnavigate the world in 4-5 years so we move fairly “fast” also in some extremely remote locations therefore it’s not so easy for our guests to join us and we don’t have that many friends expressing interest to join us.
Since in near future we will be in Thailand we have quite a few family and friends planning to join us and we wanted to share this video and for them to have “fair expectations” and save us time explaining this over and over.
This is especially better done this way since when someone joins us they tired after the journey; excited to see turquoise water; already quite overwhelmed with different lifestyle… The last thing you want to do “to sat them down and have a lecture”… meanwhile they already using the resources and getting around.

While sailing 7 days from Vanuatu to Papua New Guinea we had no time to edit the videos, but decided to post very needed and necessary video for us – what every guest and crew coming on a boat must know… Sometimes we don’t take the time needed to explain every time WHY we do things the way we do. Although for someone it might seem over the top or redundant… Therefore – this video.
Also I’ve got even more urgency to make it after talking to our friend who was about to give up sailing after few unsuccessful cases trying to find a good crew…
Hope this helps you understand why certain things on the boat are done certain way… And hope background is not too much of a distraction…

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Boat Racks – What You Must Understand Prior To Buying Them

This is perhaps what makes cruising enjoyable and exciting. Take off the kicker, cunningham and out haul – Very, extremely important. Sails were old and sticky and with no electrical winches, difficult to hoist.

What every guest and crew needs to know coming on a boat  / Sailing Aquarius HOW TO

Do It Yourself Fishing Boat Plans – Construct Your Own Boat!

Back on land, there are unique tracks to trek, bike or experience on horseback. They are the number one requirement for boat building and manufacturing in this country. Some are simple toy designs meant for kids or newbies.

Spain’s La Manga Del Mar Menor area is one of the hottest locations on the map for water sports. The Mar Menor, which equates to “Little Sea,” is located on the southeastern coast of Spain.

Do not be afraid to attempt something various. For instance, shooting towards the sun is a choice IF the light is right. Also, shooting from different angles can alter a good sailboat fishing photo into and amazing picture.

Power Boats: These are the most popular boats out there. Power boats also can be found in various designs and can be used in numerous different methods. A particular boat called a bowrider, has seats in the front of the boat and it’s most typical use is to tow rafts and skiers. For the sporty fisher type, there are ski and fish mix boats readily available.

Keys take pleasure in a subtropical environment. You can sail all year round, just like all seasons. Preferred times are March, April, May, late November and early December.

When purchasing sailing boats for sale, an important step is to have the sailboat inspected. You desire to guarantee there is no hidden damage, vulnerable points in the hull and deck, and that the metal has not been corroded by seawater. Do your research study and follow the rational steps in approaching a sailboat seller and purchasing a sailboat.

Constantly bring a signal mirror and a whistle. If you take place sailboat hire to get in problem, a flash of light from your mirror, or the sound of your whistle could be the thing that informs another person to your issue. These products both easily clip to your life vest so you can’t lose them.

Plywood has been used and abuse for centuries in the building and construction of boats, they are an item of substantial research study. History informs us that boats constructed of plywood are far more resistant and long lasting.

There are designs offered for the young child in addition to the older grownup. Standard size designs and mini boats can be enjoyable and gratifying. It’s a pastime that everybody can pay for. Imagine the thrill and excitement of managing your design boat through the waters of a regional pond.

The only irreversible homeowners are the Island Supervisor and two cats. Before making your final option about boats, you need to compare their features from a number of websites. You can cruise throughout the year, similar to all seasons.

What every guest and crew needs to know coming on a boat / Sailing Aquarius HOW TO. sailing under bridges.

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What every guest and crew needs to know coming on a boat  / Sailing Aquarius HOW TO
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